Sunday, October 3, 2010

Country wedding.

Yesterday we attended our friends gorgeous wedding riverside at Moama. The bride looked amazing in a beautiful rucked satin gown laced up the back with a small train. She's absolutely tiny.

The ceremony was held riverside at a resort. Think immaculately manicured lawn to the river bank under big shady gum trees. It was so pleasant most of the guests stayed there after the ceremony for about three hours having drinks and nibbles. The reception was held at another resort not far away.

The bridesmaids were in black gowns with bouquets of cream roses and the guys interestingly in full length black suit coats and black leather boots. The groom likes anything a bit country. Lovely couple, lovely wedding, lovely day.

We are all a little weary today. I can't get my head around everyone going back to school/work tomorrow. This week is going to be catch up week here while things go somewhat back to normal.


  1. oh she looks gorgeous as does the backdrop! you need a public holiday like we have here!


  2. So there was a big gap between the wedding & reception?? Gorgeous locations & amazing gowns, ahhh, love weddings, i'm a big cry & blubber kind of gal. Actually i haven't been to a wedding with my husband for about 8 years so i wonder if people think i'm a tearful/ wishful spinster . . . especially when i'm put on the singles table!!?? Nothing like killing a bloke's pick up line when you say you can't go out afterwards because you need to let your babysitter go home. Love Posie