Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chook food.

I had to share this. Every morning our Miss Muffett, rain, hail or shine, the first thing she does each morning is run out and collect the eggs. (Before big brother does it.) She used to go out, let out all the chooks, go in the pen and shut the door behind her so the chooks didn't come back in, do the egg collecting and come inside.

Having the chooks on the loose each day is fine except they are scattering my garden mulch EVERYWHERE. It good for bug control but its getting very messy. I prefer to give them a couple of hours late afternoon rather than a whole day. I'm not real keen on the little surprises they leave on the back step when they peek in the back window at us either. Cute but messy.

I've convinced Miss Muff the chooks aren't going to eat her and she now goes in and collects the eggs while the chooks are in the pen. Then she carefully comes out and leaves them locked up for longer. I've been making sure she feeds them then too.

The kids decided the chooks will miss out on their grass now so they get out with scissors and cut buckets loads of grass, milk thistles etc to empty in the pen to keep them happy for the day.

Hence the photo below.
Dressing gown on.
Eggs collected.
Chooks locked up.
Let the grass cutting begin.
We haven't even had breakfast yet.


  1. She is soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!! Looks like a sleepy fairy early in the morning.
    Lucky chooks to have such a care taker!
    Are you using your new camera?????

  2. That's a totally enchanting photo Julie.....

  3. Just beautiful! And what a kind, chook loving girl she is. What a great start to the day! xo

  4. Such a beautiful photo Julie. Looks like Miss Muffett is in Fairyland.

  5. Tooooo cute she can come to our house and cut the lawn with scissors.

  6. Too darn sweet that Missy Muff! 8-)
    Precious photo Julie...