Thursday, October 28, 2010


Mr Seven discovered a swarm of bees out the front window this morning. Quite fascinating.

I've rang our local honey man and he's coming around to pop then in a box. They are on a low branch, apparently he will give them a tap, drop them in a bee box, leave them there to settle and keep them to make honey. Must be that time of year as we saw another swarm in a gum tree last Saturday.

Going slow in the sewing department. I've done something nasty to my shoulder and it seems to be getting worse before its getting better.


  1. We had a swarm make themselves at home in one of our pear trees a few years ago. The bee guy came and said they were the calmest bees he'd ever dealt with. I was still glad when they were gone! LOL

  2. Wow! That is incredible Julie! I've never seen such before!