Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bee gone.

I rang our local honey man about our bees and he came out this morning and collected them. Sadly last Summer's the heat wave killed most of his colonies.

Here as is lifting them off the branch and putting then in their new hive. The bees were very well behaved. There were a few that took a while to realise where their new home was. He strapped the box into the tree and within an hour all the stragglers had found their way home. Clever little things. He though there would have been about 8000 bees!


  1. Almost ten years ago a swarn set up camp in our suburban house in melbourne.
    They stayed a week with us and then when our Indi was born they up and flew away,. It was like they had come to greet her. well that's what we like to think anyway.
    Its all about bees here at the moment too.

  2. We've had a hive at our school in the burbs, too, maybe the drought has something to do with it? Or the breaking of the drought? the biggest drama at school was a boy in my kid's class got stung, ouch!

  3. We had stories on our news yesterday about the large number of bees on the move at the moment. You don't see bees swarming much these days when I was young(that was a long time ago) you would often see bees moving.

  4. Jules that is SOOOO cool! 8000 stings wouldn't be nice though.
    Hope the bowling arm is feeling better.
    Ab x