Friday, October 15, 2010

Baby baby.

My sewing room is a buzz with orders. Funnily enough a lot of them are for baby sizes.
Have I told you I love shirring. It is so effective.

I also became an Aunty again this week to little Elodie Elizabeth.
I'm doing an extra one to go in her parcel too.

Very wet here and in Melbourne today which is unfortunate as half of our little school went on an excursion to the Melbourne zoo today. Fingers crossed they get a few hours without rain. Its a big day for them, we had to be at school at 6.45am this morning and they don't get back until 6pm. I'm hoping they at least are able to see the baby elephants.


  1. Congratulations on your niece!!
    Congratulations on the many orders you are working on, too!!
    And I hope the little ones get to see the animals. It would be a pity to go all the way over there and not being able to visit the zoo!!

  2. Congratulations Aunty Julie! I am really enjoying your sweet little dresses. I was going to request a shirring tutorial, but genius as you are, it is already done! Have a great weekend. Ros x

  3. Congratulations julie !!! Elodie is super sweet.

  4. Yay aunt Jules! I hope P-man has a good raincoat for zoo day. He'll need something yummy and warm for tea tonight. Loving your creations.
    Ab x

  5. Have you shown, somewhere on your blog, of how you do this shirring? I like the look!

    Sweet little Elidie... Hey!?! There is your baby model Julie!!! 8-)