Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baby baby.

After quite a few requests last night for baby outfits and a couple of imminent arrivals I have had a play today with teensy tiny clothes. This is my favourite. I need to find a bub to try it on, it might be a bit long but could be quite cute over some bloomers on a hot day. Its a good way too, of using up some of my smaller scraps in my dress making stash. Yes I have two stashes (is their a multiple for stash?), one for quilting one for dress making.


  1. Oh my, how sweet is that! So fresh and feminine!


  2. Lovely material and sweet dress,if you find a bub to try it on please show us the picture.

    Hugs Pat

  3. It's darling Julie!
    Perhaps you have to get working on supplying your own bub for modeling baby outfits...? wink... lol! 8-)