Sunday, September 19, 2010

Perfect day.

Today was just perfect, we didn't have to go anywhere, the weather was perfect so we spent the day in the garden and also sorted out the cattle.

The big ash tree in our backyard is getting it leaves.
Everything is so green and fresh.

Monkeying around.

Very contented calves in the long, long, green grass.
Very different to a summer or two ago.


  1. I love those days! We spent the day at home also.....the kids look great :-)

  2. Lucky you - it was cold down here - we spent most of the day inside with the heater on.
    Garden , kids and calves all look tops.

  3. Beatiful pictures, everything looks so green! We are leaving for a day at the countryside in a shortwhile. It is a bit windy but sunny.

  4. Great photos Julie!!! Love the first one!!! It looks like a park setting!! Very nice... 8-)

  5. Your garden is looking fabulous Julie, a bit of warm weather and you'll literally be able to watch the grass grow after all the rain..
    I love those big blossoms growing on the base of your tree :o)

  6. How wonderful to see all that grass!! Perfect xox