Thursday, September 2, 2010

Limping foot.

Having nothing on the calendar to do today I took the chance to nick down to Bendigo to have my 40yo Elna sewing machine looked at. A small piece broke off when I was quilting the engagement quilt and then my walking foot self destructed. The man in the little sewing machine repair shop behind Bendigo Spotlight is a gem, just in case you are looking for a machine repairer in Central Vic. He found me a replacement part and had a new walking foot in stock. Because its such a tight fit so he ground a bit off the arm so that it sits perfectly. The last one probably died because it couldn't move as freely as its supposed to. It was all done in less than an hour! Top bloke.

I've been missing my old girl, I've got a quilt top or two that could be sandwiched and quilted now to test it out.

Yes, that is sticky tape holding the bobbin remover out of the way. She's a high tech piece of equipment!


  1. You are lucky to have a good repairman close. They are hard to find. Now a technical question for you - Is your bobbin remover taped up so that the walking foot will fit? I bought Mum a walking foot for her old Elna and it wouldn't fit because of the bobbin remover. If that is the reason, I might take mine over and have a bit of a fiddle on her machine. They are still the best machines for straight sewing.

  2. Little Elna won't know what's hit her! Love the MacGyver style taping idea. Nice.

    Oh and that cat. The one in the hat. Cool.

  3. As you say, top bloke!!! How wonderful to have a repair guy handy to you...
    I don't see the tape, but hey, if it works!?! I've been known to use tape on my machine! 8-)

  4. I didn't know about the repair man at back of Spotlight, I will keep him in mind. (Though I hope I never need him)
    Love the Cat in the Hat. Great costume.