Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grandparent time.

My Mum and Dad have been to stay for a few days which usually mean "job week". We always seem to get a lot done around the house when they are here (and not much blogging).

Its slowly drying up so we were able to get into the garden yesterday finishing some late pruning and weeding. The garden is looking pretty with all the fruit trees, daisies, lavender and rosemary flowering. Mum also managed to secretly clean/dust all our light fittings, not a bad effort with our high ceilings and after tea last night we gave my two sewing machines and overlocker all a clean and service. Not to mention all the washing is done and put away and not hanging all over the house for what feels like forever.

Thanks Grandma and grandpa. xxx

Yesterday was dress rehearsal for the school production. Here's the yellow skirts I made . All the kids looked great. They have a matinee and evening performance followed by supper this Thursday. Last day of school term on Friday....bring on the holidays!


  1. holidays !!!!! cannot wait.
    Your garden is so full of colour - mine is still very dull.

  2. More chook chasing by Missy Muff... LOL! 8-)

    How wonderful of Grandma and Grandpa helping out, and probably enjoying the company of their grandchildren...

    Your skirts look darling on the girls!

    Here the kids have just gone back to school from a 2 month summer break... Younger kids, excited, older kids, NOT!!! lol! 8-)

  3. The garden looks great and the kids look beautiful with the skirts.
    Is it "summer" vacation for you already????? Here the kids have classes until de beginning of December!!!! I would love to start school holidays TODAY!

  4. gorgeous! everything looks beautiful including those skirts! you are way too generous to be sewing them all!