Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Its a beautiful sunny day here, hopefully drying out some of the puddles and wet grass. No flooding thank goodness, unlike a few surrounding areas.

I thought this was cute. Miss Muff feeding the chooks. Our chooks get quite a lot of attention from the kids, seeing we don't have a cat or dog. Miss Muff collects the eggs and feeds them every day (no one else is allowed to!) The chooks get very excited whenever they see her coming and follow her around.

There was a marathon sewing effort here last night.
I finished making 60 yes 60 fabric yoyos and then sewed them on to the school choir vests so they look like big black buttons. Nothing hard but very time consuming.
Lets just say I won't mind if I don't make another one for a while!


  1. Darling picture Julie! Love the blond hair and the sweet pink sweater too! Lucky chickens you have there!


  2. Miss Muff is just so cute!!!! And Julie.....60yo yos in one night???? May I say.."you are my hero"????!!!! You are!

  3. Beautiful picture of the little one and her chooks.

  4. They sure are natty vests. I could see Mr Burly in one....part of the new wardrobe?

  5. A great photo of Miss Muff and the chooks Julie!!! She is so sweet. 8-)

    I'd be done with yoyos after 60 for a while too!!! Wow! They look great on the vest though... 8-)