Monday, September 6, 2010

Fathers Day

The Father of this household is off to school camp soon and he decided he didn't have enough suitable clothes to take so we spent Fathers Day shopping in Bendigo. It wasn't as painful as he thought it was going to be. I get him to the shops about twice a year to buy clothes so I guess thats over with for another six months.

We had lunch and a play in the Botanic Gardens at White Hills before taking the scenic route home. There was quite a bit of water around, the road was flooded in one place but it was mostly just lying in low paddocks. It is dead flat where we live so you can see for miles. Here's a storm coming across the plains at Prairie. The district is called Prairie and funnily enough a friend of ours owns the little house at/on the Prairie.

Kids and Dad checking out the silos beside the railway line at Prairie.


  1. Wow, those silos are huge! Hope you didn't get all that flooding we saw on the news tonight.


  2. So Mr Burly is going for Best Dressed at School Camp? I wonder if he'll win...?
    I hope he enjoyed a proper burnt toast and luke warm coffee in bed before you ventured out.
    Ab x

  3. Happy fathers day to Mr burley from your new sil and her husband. Hope the floods aren't affecting you.

  4. oh yes, not often retro daddy buys clothes but he's getting there. we took him to trenery last week and I made him spend money on clothes and new shoes! thank goodness!

    because the week before he came down for church in the jeans he wears for gardening and mowing lawns...with holes everywhere! I tried to be nice but told him he had to change..he told me I sounded like his mother.....haha


  5. Happy belated Fathers day! I wonder if that storm went over my dad's house lol!