Thursday, August 26, 2010

The wedding.

Life has somewhat returned to normal after our whirlwind four days in Sydney. The reason we went......My brother Andrew's wedding.

Ellie Mae was lucky enough to be asked to be a flower-girl, I think she thought the day would never come, we have talked about it for ages. Here she is with walking down the church steps with the other flower-girl who is six and expertly showed her the ropes. Ellie did everything Lili said, sprinkling flower petals down the isle and standing next to the bride and groom for the whole ceremony. (There were a few brief moments where boredom set in and she started fidgeting, at one stage pulling the top layer of her dress up over her head. There were lots of stifled giggles rom the room. It was pretty cute.

The newly married happy couple looking stunning.
I'm excited to have another sister in law, seeing I never had a sister. Its a pity they live so far away.

The wedding party. It was a perfect day weather wise. I was a bit worried seeing it had been so cold. The little girls hardly even needed their little capes.

We headed off to the reception where there was an absolute abundance of food and drink and lots of dancing much to Ellie's delight.

My two looking spiffy. Poor little miss had to travel to the wedding in her underwear and get dressed on the road side around the corner from the church to avoid the dress getting all crushed by her car seat straps. Mr. Seven loved his new cord jacket Grandma made him for the occasion.

Here's the new MX5 parked out the front of the church. Only six weeks old and last week someone backed into the driver's side door, read, one very upset bride and groom. Its being repaired while they are on their honeymoon in the USA.

A little MX5 even featured on the wedding cake. It is how they met after all.

And, and, and....... you know how I said I wasn't able to get their engagement quilt done in time for the wedding well....... a couple of late nights last week saw it finished!!!!!! We were able to give it to them in person which was a nice surprise. I don't have any photos of it finished, I'm hoping my brother will take some photos for me to post when they get back from OS.

Have a great time guys!!!! Loving the honeymoon photos so far. xxx


  1. I love the first photo, the light and the shadows, just lovely. I can remember (years ago) travelling to a wedding in my underwear, I was the flowergirl and I wasn't allowed to crease the dress, somethings don't change.

  2. Come on, give us a pic of you and Mr Burly!!!
    The kids and your bro and new sil look fab. I bet you had fun.
    Ab x

  3. Miss Ellie Mae looks gorgeous and so, so proud..! Sounds like an awesome day, bummer about the motor though, I would have cried...!!

  4. I love the first photo! Beautiful! Glad you had a wonderful time away. And congrats on getting the quilt done! Impressive! xox

  5. OMG!!!! Everything sounds and looks beautiful. Love Miss Ellie in her beautiful white dress. She must have felt like a princess. Mr seven looks very handsome too. And they both look so happy, look at those huge smiles!!!
    Congratulations on finishing the quilt. We want to see it!!!!
    Sorry to hear about the car but I love the cake one!!!

  6. oh so beautiful! she looks like a little angel with her halo of blonde hair!!!!!!

    gorgeous pictures and I love a good wedding


  7. Great photos Julie! Sounds like Missy Muff did great! Most excellent! 8-)