Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We flew back from Sydney last night after a busy four days.
It was my brother's wedding on Sunday (photos in next post).

While we were there we caught up with Corrie and family at the Parramatta Park. Trying to get the five cousins to sit still for a photo without someones eyes closed or someone looking the wrong way was near impossible, but very funny and cute.

Plenty of room to run off some energy and have some rough and tumble with the Dads.

I think there might be someone wanting a "big girls" bike since she had a turn on Keira's.

Mr Seven was in heaven Friday and Monday getting to fly for the first time. He loved it. He got to look in the cockpit and had a window seat both ways, lots for show and tell this week.


  1. gorgeous photos! I forgot how exciting it would be for a big boy to fly!!!!!!!!!!!

    wish we lived closer :)


  2. Hi Julie!! I hope you all had a great time. I didn´t konw you were related to Corrie in some way and I was so surprised when I opened her blog and found Patrick in the picture with his cousins!! haha!!! The world is getting smaller.
    I will let Maxi see the pictures tomorrow since he is already sleeping. We were talking just a couple of days ago about Patrick flying for the first time!!!!
    Beautiful pictures!