Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Smoke signals.

How many forms of communication does a girl need?
Am I the only person that is trying to keep everyone in neat little categories aka boxes?
Am I going to get left behind if I don't keep up with the latest trend?

Not long ago I was happy with a phone call, an email or a text. Then I started blogging which opened up a new batch of friendly people to chat to. So I had my "real" friends and my "bloggy" friends. Easy.

In the meantime I set up a Facebook page. All good. I decide to just keep Facebook to just my "real" friends. Not that I put much on personal info. on there to worry about. I then get friend requests from some bloggers. To keep my boxes neat, I ignore them, but feel very rude for doing it. Facebook people don't seem to blog but blog people seem to Facebook, interesting.

Next problem then arrises. I actually meet some bloggers. They are some of the coolest people I've ever met. I relent and we become Facebook buddies. My neat little boxes are getting messy.

Its all getting very complicated. Now I'm getting asked if I'm going to join Twitter????? Do I really need to? Who am I going to chat to that I don't already communicate with? Hubby tells me people on twitter (as opposed to FB) are a lot more intellectual!!!! Such the intellect he is.

If I join Twitter does that create a whole new category of "friends".
Do I need another box?
Is it time to just throw them all in one big box?
I don't want to be the only one in my nursing home in a few decades that can't communicate with her Grandchildren.

Questions, questions.



  1. Good questions too Julie! It does get very complicated, but does it have to? I don't know. I joined Twitter and cannot for the life of me figure out why anyone would enjoy it. I just don't get it. I guess I like real conversations with people I know and have something in common with.

    Maybe I'm just too old fashioned. I'm ok with that though!


  2. I have a Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter account but I don't use them. I get emails saying such-and-such wants to be my friend but I delete them. It's all too much for me to keep on top of and remember ten billion passwords. I hate texting but I do it when I have to but I keep my messages extremely short. But now seeing it from a different persective, I want to communicate with others in the future I think I need to keep up with technology. It's a good question you pose!!

  3. Isn't twittering what birds do?
    I must be old fashioned too.
    Pot of tea, bit of cake and a chat or a phone call.
    Hopefully my grand kids will come to me and eat cake or at least smile at how technologically hopeless I am and ring me on the phone.

  4. I have a Facebook account but most of my "friends" are people from when I was in the RNZAF and a few real time friends and relatives. I don't quite get Facebook although I have been more active lately and have been having a dialogue with a few people. I prefer my blog, it seems more like me.

  5. I resisted Twitter for a really long time but then caved in a couple of months ago. It's actually quite fun - I was surprised!

  6. Twitter is for the birds!! That's what I'm sticking too anyway, I've had FB for a couple of years, like you I kept it to family and 'real' friends!! But in the last couple of months the lines have blurred a little and I've decided that it makes no difference really, most weeks I talk to 'blogger' friends more that 'real' friends so I threw out the boxes and don't worry about it anymore...

  7. Isn´t it funny?? Some time ago "lack of communication" was the root to all kinds of problems. Now, "commmunication overload" seem to be the root!!! No facebook and no twitter for me. Blogging, to share what I like with people who like similar stuff. For everything else...e mails or cel phone. That´s it. Once in a while face to face is good either with blogging pals, "real" friends and even family!!!!! But let´s not abuse...haha!!!
    I even think we are spending way too much time "communicating" instead of actually getting something done....and then we don´t have anything to communicate at all!!
    Good luck!!

  8. I know just what you mean Julie! I finally joined Facebook to keep up with my family, and now I have all kinds of bloggers as friends too. I can barely remember to post things on my blog...I usually forget all about Facebook! And I simply refuse to Twitter!! LOL

  9. It all gets to be a bit much hey Julie!?!
    I close my FB account a few months back, but now I am missing all the updates, photos, videos from extended family, and that I truly miss... Pondering if I should jump back on and keep it private... for family/friends only...
    I hope all is well down your way!

  10. Julie, I have been having very similar thoughts. I keep on feeling that I will be missing out or not keeping up if I don't "do" facebook or twitter, but the reality is I just can't fit any more in.
    people tell me I must do facebook for my little crafty business but it just seems like even more time I will be on the computer and not crafting...
    I'd love to hear what you decide and how you continue to manage it all....

  11. Hey Julie! Oh you made me laugh! I understand the confusion ... which is why I'm sticking with texting and blogging! :0) No twittering or facebooking for this little black duck ... I already spend way too much time at the computer! :0) Not sure which of your boxes I fit in, but I do enjoy catching up on your doings when your posts come into my RSS feeds BOX ... oh no another box! Tee! Hee! Hee! Happy chatting! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  12. It just keeps getting more complicated all the time doesn't it? Twitter is really easy to use so that's a good thing. Good luck with your decision!

  13. I just do blogger and facebook! I had a social media 101 meeting yesterday and learnt a lot but asked do we need to be on both twitter and facebook and the answer was no!

    yay I don't need to go to twitter because trust me I have nooooooooooo time


  14. Ouch, my head hurts! You draw the line. When it comes to the grandkids, try talking :O) They might understand....