Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quilt Show - show and tell.

Our quilt show over the weekend went really well. Entry was $5 dollars which included lunch, soup, 3 mini sausage rolls, sandwiches, fruit and a cuppa. Where else do you get that!!

Heres my little corner which I shared with another lady from our group. I need longer bunting to reach across two tables don't I. Conveniently there were air vents behind me, which were perfect for hanging the dresses off. I sold quite a few things and took some dress orders for Christmas presents. "L" who I shared with sold three quilts plus quite a few of her gifty creations too. Once again I forgot to take photos of her beautiful creations.

Now for some quilt show and tell.
There were two Dear Janes which I just love. Whether I ever get around to making one will be another story.

This wall hanging is done by a very talented local lady. She makes amazing textile art wall hangings and fabric bowls using dissolvable fabric. She goes through incredible amounts of thread. Its hard to see but on the above piece the swirls are all stitched very close with graduating thread colours. Here's a link to her web site.

I loved the lattice work on this one.

This scrappy hexagon quilt was made from clothes of the children of the lady who made it. Some pieces were forty years old. What a great memory quilt.

One of a few bargello quilts. Not the best photo. But it looked very effective.

And believe it or not the lady that made this one, made it for her dog to sit on when it is inside. Its a kaleidoscope quilt, but the swirls haven't shown up very well in the photo. Lucky dog!


  1. I'm glad you did well with your trading table. The quilts look stunning. Clever ladies down your way.

  2. Love your corner, and lots of interesting quilts. Hope you had a good weekend.

  3. Lovely quilts, I spotted the Dear Jane straight away, once you are bitten by the DJ bug its hard to stop.

  4. Your space looked lovely. Glad you did well.
    Beautiful quilts.

  5. I think I would have gone in, eaten and gone out and paid another $5 for that food haul :o)
    Your table looked great and the dresses look fab as always. It looks like a pretty decent quilt show xx

  6. yes where else do you get that! honestly, in sydney $5 would get a coffee full stop forget all the rest!

    it all looks gorgeous


  7. Hey nice work! Those dresses look very sweet hanging up there,and as for that last quilt, I'd be prepared to say "Woof", quite frequently if I could have it!!!! Well done you. Cheers Peta

  8. Awesome quilts Julie! Thanks for sharing!

    Your little corner shop looked great! Glad to hear you did well with your sales! Good stuff! 8-)