Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Droughts and .......

flooding rains. Yikes.

I think the two year old egg collector might get a day off today.
Here's the path to the chook shed.
Its "gumboots full of water weather".

And the front lawn, sorry lake!
30 ml over night and a week of rain to come.
Its going to be interesting as the whole time we have lived here its been a drought.


  1. And to think yesterday it was blue skies and sunshine! Time to stoke up the fire!

  2. I know what you mean, rain, rain and more rain! It only started here at about 5am and we've had 15mm already, it's cold here too, still only 3 outside brrr! We're in for a wet week.....

  3. It raining and cold this morning here too! The only advantage is that my husband's flights are canceled and he stayed at home:) So snuggle up and hopefully the rain will stop soon!