Sunday, August 8, 2010


My weekend started with a cosy bloggy get-together Friday night.
A most enjoyable night, lovely girls, lovely food and lots of laughs and surprisingly some stitching. So nice to sit and talk to such like minded ladies.

After bidding Bianca farewell Saturday morning, Ab, Fi and I went to the Garden of St Erth (above) and bought some Digger's Club seeds to kick start the vegie garden Spring planting. Next time I'd love to go and visit Kate's farm. All such inspiring girls.....if not a little crazy. Funny how you organise a few hours away from the kids and all you can talk about is babies, birthing, breastfeeding etc etc etc!!! Four of us had fourteen kids between us, I hope you were taking notes Ab.

Back home and my Mum and the kids did some vegie garden preparation. Digging and putting up frames for peas etc. All four chooks started laying this weekend too. Miss Muff has been collecting two brown eggs every day and today there were two brown and two white. Hugely exciting when you are two.

With the kids distracted playing with Grandma, I also got the borders on the engagement quilt. We are basting it tonight. I don't think it will be quilted by the wedding.....maybe when the happy couple return from their honeymoon.

Hexagon progress made this weekend too. Photos to come.


  1. Glad you all had a great time Friday night! Caught up with Bianca today - she had a blast and showed me some pics.
    I like the look of those seeds - looks like work ahead :)

  2. Sounds like a great day, you were only half an hour from me. I love St Erth, we go there a few times every year, it's amazing in September when the daffs are all in full bloom...!!!

  3. Fresh eggs in the morning would excite me too (and I'm a little older than 2).
    Your quilt is amazing but I'm loving the size of your vege patch.
    I'm a country girl married to a city boy - suburban block, no chooks and a very little vege patch. Am still trying for the chooks ....

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! the quilt looks fabulous! :0)

  5. It sounds like a fun week end!!! And I think the quilt looks just beautiful.

  6. SO ACE to hang out with you on Friday night, even if I got lost in a bit of the quilting talk. I do see some of those blogs you were talking about in your side bar, so I'll be checking them out soon. And 14 kids!!!! WOWZERS!! Let's play again soon.
    Have a great week. X

  7. The wedding gift quilt top is gorgeous Julie! Great job!! 8-)

  8. So much fun! Had the best night. 14!!??!! Abbe needs to get a move on to make it 15 I reckon ;) xox