Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cat in the hat costume.

It's Mr. Seven's school book week dress up day tomorrow.
Originally he wanted to go as Fantastic Mr. Fox, I picked up a great foxy fur looking cardigan at the op shop then he changed his mind. So Cat in the Hat it is....

I've used red and white poly cotton, quilted it and formed into a hat. I stitched a few extra layer of wadding in afterwards to make it sit up a bit but still look floppy. That make no sense at all but I know what I mean. A red bow for around the neck and a tail lined with wadding and filled with rice both just on elastic so they are easy to put on and take off.


  1. Looks good --- can't wait for the photos of the "cat in the hat"

  2. SSoooo cute!!!! Please, post a picture of Mr seven wearing it!!!!! Sounds like a fun day to be at school!!

  3. Very cute, we (daughter here in Perth & I) are making a knight in shining armour tomorrow for 5 yr old grandson Matthew, he tells me his best friend Jazzie is the princess..!!

  4. Oh you're brilliant!!! What a fabulous hat!!! Definitely gonna need to see some piccies of Mr 7 in it ;o).
    Joy :o)