Friday, August 27, 2010

Almost ready for the quilt show.

Our local quilters are having a quilt show this weekend. Today is set up day. I'm just about to make my batch of sausage rolls then its off to help with hanging the quilts. I'm also having a trading table in the hall. Here's everything lined up in my sewing room. I've got four more Ava Tie dresses to put the finishing touches on tonight and maybe, if I have time, I'll make matching hair clips but I can always make them during the show.

I've also made about 100 novelty key rings from fabric scraps. These are FUN to make. The kids love them, they keep coming in to see the latest ones and changing their favourite one to keep. I'm also selling a few bags, giant pin cushions, a couple of rainbow pencil rolls and of course dozens of pretty hair clips. The last market I had I completely sold out. It should be a fun two days.

I've put in four quilts into the show. They are at a friends place, lying flat on a bed where they won't get jumped on by small children! I've put in my Babushka dolls, Cobblestone Road quilt, a fairy stitchery quilt and the pinwheel quilt in my header. I have a few extras in reserve, its a big hall and the girls think they might need a few more.


  1. Have lots of fun. Hope it goes well for you

  2. Looks like you are super organised!! Good luck with the show, bet you sell out again. I love the look of all your goodies lined up ready to go. Cute keychains x

  3. Hope it goes well Jules. Love your whole hanger of clothes. When I win lotto you are making me big kids sizes in everything. I don't care if I look like a giant five year old!!!
    Good luck and have fun,
    Ab x

    Ps. Mmmm sausage rolls :o)

  4. Love the key chains! Don't foget to remind people Christmas is now less than 4 months away......AHHHHHH!!

    Hope you have a wonderful show! Good luck with the sales and quilts xox

  5. Everything looks great and I love the key rings!

    Have a great day at the show!!!

  6. You've been a busy lady! I love the keyrings...very cute! Good luck with the sales!


  7. good luck with sales at the Quilt show. Everything looks great.
    Also the wedding looked like a wonderful time was had by all. Your kids looked gorgeous and I just Love the cake.

  8. Hope you have a great weekend Julie. Love the wedding photos - such a sweet flowergirl.

  9. My gosh, you have been busy, how do you get it all done? Don't forget to tell people 121 shopping days till Christmas :)
    Hope you have a fun couple of days and sell everything.

  10. I love those those key rings, have a great weekend and enjoy