Friday, July 2, 2010

Woosh, there goes a week.

Hello blog, remember me. Well what's happened in the last week? School holidays started, meaning both husband and son are home for two weeks, hubby is milking for some friends so gone early each morning and night for a few hours. I've taken the chance and done a few extra days at work with him home to look after the kids. My Mum has been visiting for a few days and I forgot to take photos of the granny square poncho she is making Miss Muff. Very cute. Today Mum and I and the kids went to Bendigo shopping. We found some beautiful little shoes and stockings for Miss Muff to wear as flowgirl, if they pass the bride's approval.

I think I tried every dress on I could find in Bendigo today and came home empty handed. I'm not even considering making one as the wedding is only weeks away. I guess I'll have to shop in another direction next week. Ho hum.

We visited Spotlight today too. I'm still not a huge fan of the Bendigo store. Their register system wasn't working (as usual) so were standing around for ages waiting. I used my $50 gift card from SIT which threw them into more chaos because they were offline. No exciting purchases to report, we just bought allergy covers for Mr Seven's mattress, pillows and quilt as per Children's Hospital instructions. He coughs a lot at night which they have put down to airborne particles, pollen, dust mites etc. not asthma which I guess is good. I'm following all their instructions but the thing that has made the most difference are two chance treatments he has had at our osteopath. She said his lymphatic system was completely blocked, she treated him and the coughing has all but stopped. So if anyone else is at their wits end with a child with similar allergies I would recommend a treatment or two. I'm writing a letter to the Children's Hospital too tell them of our success. Its better than taking anti allergy medication all the time. It seems to have got his body working and able to cope with foreign particles without coughing all the time.

OK, enough medical talk. On the craft front I have the engagement quilt flowers about 75% appliqued on. The aim is the bride and groom will get the quilt before the wedding, but no promises being made, anything can happen. Blogging my new project tomorrow. So much for 1st of July start date Ab!


  1. Sounds like a lovely day, but no dress for you :(
    I have a child that coughs a lot at night, he is on asthma medication and has ventolin pretty much every night, might try your suggestion and see what happens, thanks for sharing

  2. Busy busy week for you Julie, I'll have to tell my youngest daughter. Her boy has a zillion allergies and severe asthma, don't know whether she's tried that one. Anything is worth a try when they cough the whole winter....

  3. The bride approves! ;-)
    The shoes are really cute.

  4. Hi! I have been away for a few days so lots to read now! Beautiful quilt, love the flowers in the corner.
    Happy aniversary to you and your husband, I hope you enjoyed your meal.
    The shoes are really preatty, can´t wait to see Miss Muff wearing them. She will look so cute!
    I am sure you will find a dress next time you go shopping, but good luck anyway!
    School winter break is starting today, awful weather now and the next days. I will go crazy!!!!

  5. Meanie!!!!
    Love the shoes - you'll look great in them :o)
    I'll hex you soon...if I don't throw you out of the group!

  6. The shoes are just darling. Hope you find a dress for you soon!!
    Joy :o)

  7. YAY for the allergy treatment success! Lots of people out there would be intersted to hear about that remedy and your experience with it I bet. Thanks for your kind words Julie, I really apppreciate you taking the time to write & let me know x Did you see my QUILTS??? The other ladies took great photos at Sewjourn and uploaded them to flicker too, because I'm photography FAIL so I don't have ones better than the fragment ones I posted.

  8. Darling shoes for Missy Muff!

    Sorry to hear you've been experiencing some allergy issues with Mr Seven. Sounds like you've found something to help ease his sleep... and your worries. 8-)

    Busy applique stitcher there... Remember to stop for tea and a walk every so often! 8-)

  9. If you had some way of rating posts I would for sure give you a high rating my friend! Woosh