Friday, July 30, 2010

Star fairy, skirt prototype.

Its our school production sewing day today.
Among other things, we have ten of these skirts to make for the prep girls.
This was one of two prototypes I made up last night.
The first one was way to foofy. The kids were going to look like Big Bird wearing them.
This is the toned down version. I need to tweak the layers so they poke out a little more evenly but other than that, quite happy. I'll put it on my tutorial "to do" list.


  1. Cute, I instantly thought of Fifi from the flower tots! So sweet! Can't wait to see all the finished skirts lined up in a row! Sweet ... I was meant to be sewing lion costumes for our production, but its' only in a few weeks, so I hope its' not going to be suddenly sprung on me! lol :) Happy Sewing :)

  2. "one of two prototypes I made up last night".... My mouth dropped and is still agape.. Id still be sitting hopelessly at the machine desperately praying for divine intervention... One day when I am asked to 'whip up' a school costume such as this... I am coming over to your place. Well done super Mum. Peta