Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Thats going to be an interesting quilt I hear you say.

No, no, no its my Shepparton Spotlight purchases today for the school production costumes.
I've been waiting for their mid year sale to go shopping but it didn't come and din't come so I thought bother I'll just go anyway. After purchasing all this, the lady says, you should have come tomorrow dear, our sale starts Wednesday. I get home and yes, there is my Spotlight catalogue in the mailbox with all the specials. Bugger. Oh well. Some of it was reduced, I don't think I did too bad.


  1. That spangle is SO for the wedding outfit. Don't even try to deny it!
    Ab x

  2. Nice purchase but hate it when you buy one day and there is a sale the next!!!!
    Talking about wedding,did you finally get your outfit????
    Tell your seven mine will write soon (too depressed because of school!!)haha!!!

  3. Oh, the belly laugh I had thinking about a quilt made out of that pic.

    I dare ya.

  4. I hate when things like that happen!! I know!!! 8-/

    Wonderful purchases though Julie!!