Saturday, July 17, 2010


I've been playing with ways to display my clips for market. I've done some up in little bags trimmed with he same colour fabric. I thought this might be a nice little gift rather than just plain clips. There's a couple of sets going into my Madeit shop today as well. They would make nice stocking fillers or party favours too.

For the loose ones, Gra came up with the idea of spraying and old picture frame white and doing a padded centre with a few ribbons to clip them to. I'm working on that one.


  1. Cute little packages!!! Do little girls go along with their moms to the fairs where you sell? If they do, I would add a lollipop or candy. They will sell very fast. In my country anything that goes with a candy sells out!!! (It was probably the idea of a dentist´s wife!!!! haha!!)
    Hope you find an old frame to try out hanging the hair clips.
    I´m off to bed ...NOW!! 1:00 am here!!

  2. they look great........goodluck with them....

  3. They look nice, I love the little bags with the little piece of fabric on it, good idea.

  4. you are on fire! feel free to pop up this way and finish my market to do list! 3 weeks and so far behind


  5. Darling hair clips Julie, and very creative packaging! 8-)