Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New clothesline.

These wet wintery days aren't much good for getting washing dry, especially as our clothes line is on the south end of the house. So this morning I decided the much sunnier and warmer North End of the garden might provide better drying conditions. One fence, a bucket of pegs and new Winter clothesline. Lucky we don't have close neighbours, although the cows were standing there wondering what on earth I was doing. Jazzes up the vegie garden no end don't you think!

PS. Electric wire on top of fence ....... OFF.

PPS. Apologies, I don't usually display my underwear on my blog, unlike others. he he.


  1. Took a minute for me to figure out why you wanted your clothesline on the north...then I remembered "different hemisphere"! LOL And no fair making fun of Ab like that! She can't help herself! ;0)

  2. I had a great laugh visiting your friend's blog(the no-bra-girl). Thanks for leading me there!
    Hope that clotheline helps to dry your clothes. We are having the most awful humed weather in a long time and I have clothes hanging everywhere around the house. Hope it ends soo.

  3. mine all have barb wire on no use as a cloths line.........

  4. Snicker, snicker to your PPS... 8-)

    I think your clothes there add color to your fading winter garden!!! Whatever works for you! lol! 8-)