Saturday, July 10, 2010

Flowers and fame.

I've been toiling away basting hexagons for our on-line hexagon stitching group organised by the lovely Ab. Last night I thought it was about time I made a flower so I put one together, and another and by midnight I had five. I told you they were addictive. Back to basting I suppose. I'm planning a big quilt so I figure I need to do more than one a week to get it finished by the end of the year. I'm still not sure how I'm going to lay them out. As I put more together I'll have a play with different arrangements.

And the news of the day.
Make sure you buy a copy of this issue of Notebook magazine, featuring my talented SIL Corrie.


  1. Bugger off, Corrie is my famous friend!!!
    Keep hexing (psst, I've only done one :)

  2. Still jealous of this patchy business always going on over here (and at Ab's). I have been advised to start with a cushion! But I firmly believe that If I complete the cushion but then don't want to do a proper grown up sized quilt..the cushion will mock me.. Peta

  3. Your flowers look great Julie!
    Good for Corrie being featured! 8-)

  4. They loom great so far.
    I love the thought when I am staying up waaaaaaaaaay too late at night with one of my crafty addictions that somewhere out there, there is another crazy addicted crafter up too.

  5. awwwwwww you're too, my sweet equally as talented SIL! Aren't we lucky to be in the same family :)


  6. those little hexagons are addictive aren't they!!.....i remeber doing one years ago and just kept on going becuase i never knew how to do the edges, it's still at the bottom of my 'unfinished projects pile'.....from 20 years ago! maybe now i know i should finish it:))) thanks for the anniversary congratulations x