Thursday, July 22, 2010

Flower stack.

I've completed another hexagon flower this afternoon to add to my growing stack. I'm going to struggle joining these all up into a quilt, they are so pretty just as they are.


  1. That's a lot of hexagons! Well done! I can hardly bring myself to make 2 that I need for my project... Shame on me!

  2. They look so pretty together!! I saw a picture of a "quilt-to-be" made of square blocks and they had the hexagon flowers appliqued (am I writing this right??!)on them and then you would just join the square blocks, instead of joining flower against flower. I thought it was a nice way to do it and... maybe a bit faster? Sorry I didn´t keep the picture to share!!

  3. Tu trabajo es hermoso y los colores y las telas también lo son!!!
    Me gusta todo tu blog!!
    Desde Tandil, Argentina

  4. Nice! They'll look stunning all sewn together though. I hope you put some pics on flikr.
    The new layout is good too.
    Ab x