Friday, July 23, 2010

Dressing bloggy.

Made by - Narioka

Pattern - Retromummy, from this month's Notebook mag.

Crochet Embellishment - Foxes Lane.

Model - Miss Muff.


  1. Oh it is adorable, and inspiration and talent from 3 amazing ladies too!

  2. gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you've got your model material right there!! Just like my keira striking a pose!


  3. Gorgeous Girl - Gorgeous Gear!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. Looks like she's very happy in it!

  5. How super gorgeous is she!
    The dress and the lovehearts are pretty cute too.
    I love a bit of a bloggy collaboration.
    Hope you have a great weekend. X

  6. Ooohhh Miss Muff seems suddenly so much more grown up in that photo! Looking absolutely CUTE! :) Loving the pink teamed for gorgeous winter days over jeans!

    I read that pattern (Notebook is my favourite magazine (lol)) .. It was funny because only days before buying this month's issue, I had looked at the pillowcase dress tutorial with the elastic front on someone's blog, instead of the tie normally going through the casing (how I'd normally make them) and then well'la there it was in Notebook too! ..

    I look forward to trying this version out as well!

    Loved your dressing bloggy and I see you've been housekeeping your blog design as well! Looks great! Mel xox

  7. Oh and is it just me or does Miss Muff look 2'ish going on 21???

  8. That little Missy Muff of yours Julie, is starting to "strike a pose" very well!! Baby she is no more!! lol!! She is such a little sweetie-pie!
    Darling new top! 8-)

  9. good idea to add the tabs for your blog. Can I make a suggestion though?
    I would like to see the names of the quilts along with the pictures. For some reason I always want to know what a quilt is called.
    Miss Muff is growing up so fast!