Saturday, July 10, 2010

Daily calf feeding.

Isn't it funny how we forget to get photos of the things we do every day, I'd love to have some photos of myself playing bank manager or dental nurse. Here's a few pics of the kids helping with our current daily job, calf feeding.

Mixing the milk powder. They are just big babies, the "formula" comes in 25kg bags.
We are only mixing milk for a few of the youngest calves now so its just done in buckets. When we did large quantities it was mixed in the red drum behind Mr Seven and pumped out to the feeders in the dairy yard.

We pour the milk into these green feeders and the calves help themselves. In the past we have got all our calves at once and fed up to fifty at once on larger feeders. This year we are doing them in smaller batches so they are fed on small feeders as they are all up to different stages and quantities of milk.
We have have been feeding calves for about two months and have another couple of weeks to go with the youngest ones still on milk.

They then go on to pellets which isn't as much mucking around.
Mr Seven feeding some of the oldest ones.

Haven't they grown.


  1. There is something odd but cool with that feeder. Culd be good if I have triplets one day....

  2. Great photos of the daily chores there Julie! I first saw such feeders at Easter time, at DD's MrFarmer's farm! I even guided a couple calves mouths to the nipples! Gosh they suck hard!!! lol! 8-)

    Miss Muff ready to jump in there hey!?! And MrSeven looks like s feed pro! 8-)

  3. the kids seem to be enjoying a lot. I love the pictures!!!

  4. the calves are so cute........I love little calves........I get sick of feeding them but I love them..........