Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Changing the scenery

I've had a blog play around today. No earth shattering changes, just re-jigged the columns and added some new tabs. I thought I'd do a gallery of my quilts, for my own records and anybody else who would like to have a look. Theres a "boutique" page with some of my clothing creations and links to my Madeit shop for anybody looking for some handmade goodness.

Photo - my Moda Bake Shop quilts in front of the door on our diary.
No one is allowed to ever re-paint that door, how good does it go with that quilt!


  1. The changes look nice, Julie. Love all your quilts and clothes!!!
    And you are right, don´t let anyone paint that door, the color goes perfect with the quilt, and I am sure it would go perfect with any quilt of yours.

  2. Great quilts Julie, and a great photo! You may have to compete with your bro!!! lol!

  3. Your quilts look so pretty Julie, and you're right, that door is a perfect match ;o)!!!
    Joy :o)

  4. love the changes! looks good julie! I am loving my new blog!