Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Techco, nerdy stuff.

Well thats what hubby refers to it as.

Our internet has been restored. No explaination or apology. After two weeks of e-mails and phonecalls to our satellite internet company and no response we threatened a letter to the telecommunications ombudsman and hey presto, its fixed straight away!!!! We only have a month left on our three year contract, you can probably guess we won't be continuing with that provider.

On a positive note we have been doing some research on which alternative provider to go with


We have worked out that if we both have an i-phone, we can buy the cheap data and tether it to the computer when internet is needed we can do away with our home internet connection completely. Hopefully saving some $$ and the frustration of organising home internet through Telstra, a company we both hate with a passion. The phones are with Telstra, but its a whole lot less complicated doing it this way.

Husband happy he gets a new i-phone.

I'm happy, I actually get an i-phone.

Come to think of it......why does he get the new one.

Anyway, i-phone girls, any good girly apps. I need to know about?


  1. I was lost when my hone died a few months back and I had no idea when my period was due. So period tracker is my top girly app. Have fun. X

  2. I didn't even know about the period tracker lol! Awesome ;)

    Welcome to the wonderful world of iPhone! I love mine a little too much. Twitter. I love twitter. If you tweet that is ;) Also some quilty ones that convert inches to cm. Have fun!! xox

  3. Well you have lost me with the tecno stuff but l hope you enjoy your i phone hugs Pat

  4. My fav apps are quilting apps:

    Block Tool, Quilt Ref and Quilt Fab. All very useful but also just fun to play with. Enjoy exploring the apps.