Saturday, June 5, 2010

North Tuppal Station Shearing the Rams re-enactment.

We are home after our long day witnessing the re-enactment of Tom Robert's Shearing of the Rams at North Tuppal Station. It was a lovely day weather wise which brought out a crown of 30,000 people, which the organisers handled as best they could, considering they were only expecting and catering for 10,000. The queue of cars to get in the gate late morning was 5km long which we got caught up in. We were at a standstill a lot of the time so we got to know the people driving the cars in front and behind us and shared fruit cake and conversation on the side of the road while we waited whic
h was quite funny.

Finally we reached the shearing shed where MORE queues awaited. We managed to get through the shed and have quite a good look at the shearing, wool tables and pens. The food had run out by the time we got there so kids had chips, BBQ shapes, water and cheese muffins for lunch. No complaints but they were hungry when we got home. Heres a few photos of the day.

Shearing the old fashioned way....very quiet!

Part of the shed and sheep waiting to be shorn.

Shearing board...72 stand.

The shed from the air. Mr Seven and I scored a ride in a cherry picker.

Horses and wagons, there was also a steam engine pulling wagons of wool bales.

Loading the truck.

The brand.


  1. What a day! That is my favourite painting, "Shearing of the rams".
    What a crowd, made lots of new friends I bet in the line up's, how did you manage to keep the littles ammused in the Car!
    Hope you had a great day.

  2. How interesting! I´ve never seen anything like this except on movies. Thanks!

  3. Awesome photos Julie! Too bad about the long lines waiting, but at least you got there to witness the event! I bet Mr Seven enjoyed it! 8-)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks Julie, great photos of what used to be my part of the world. All still looks the same.
    THANKS!! Looks like a great day.

  5. Tis probably Monday by now at your place... wondering how the boy and the coin are?

  6. How fantastic Julie! Won't the sheep be cold at this time of year?

  7. some friends and a neighbour from here went down..........wished I knew about it earlier would have been great to the shed going to be open to visitors on a regular basis????

  8. Oh I saw on the news and was thinking....I'm sure someone in blog land was going to that! lol! What an amazing experience!