Friday, June 11, 2010

I changed my mind.

After walking past my hexies for a day I decided I can't cope with all that orange, especially on black so I changed my mind. I've picked out all the fabrics I like, and left out the really orange (and fishy) ones out. I'm much happier with my selection to work with. Except it has reduced the number of hexies considerably, so I've decided to make a large bag for myself instead of a quilt. So much for attempting to work out of my comfort zone, failed dismally.

Note: all hexies tacked around the edge. Another productive evening in front of more bad TV.


  1. Actually, I like the ?, I think I should have one of those on my wall. I seem to procrastinate more than make just lately...!

  2. I'm not much into orange either!
    Good for you for getting them all ready Julie! A bag with the hexes will be awesome! 8-)