Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting nowhere fast.

Sigh, I had one of those days today. Our stitching group met. I thought I was prepared but when I got there I realised I had left at home the applique layout for the engagement quilt so all I got done was some hand stitching on my niece's purple heart quilt. I also lost an hour doing meals on wheels duty. It took me all of ten minutes last monday but today there were new people on the list waaaaaay out of town. Oh well. Someone will do it for me one day. The short time I got to stitch was very enjoyable at least. I hope to be more prepared next month but no doubt I'll end doing the usual, get up, get kid one on the bus, get kid two organised, make some lunch and grab a craft box and hope everything is in it and fly out the door.


  1. oh well well well sometimes it happens! But the purple heart looks nice! Smile!

  2. I'm sure that your meals on wheels people were very happy with your day.
    You are a good girl.
    You've put "good" out there so it'll come back to you... maybe in the form of a full craft box next time.

  3. I agree wih Jenny we all need angels from time to time.

    Hus Pat

  4. I had a day like that last Monday. Rushed around making sure I had everything to take to quilting ... handstitching - check, camera & notebook (cos I write the newsletter) - check, lunch - check, Agenda for the AGM - check, morning tea for the group (cos it was my turn to bake) - check.
    Picked up my friends on the way then discovered that I'd left my yummy cherry butter cake on the bench at home ..... aaaaargh!!! Had to go all the way back home and get it lol, lucky we only live about 10 minutes away he he.
    Joy :o)
    PS Yor stitching on the purple heart is just beautiful!!

  5. At least it's a pretty heart! Yay for the new phone to.