Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tutorial - curved and gathered patch pocket.

After making a few of these I'm happy with my pocket template so I'd thought I'd share it. I couldn't find what I wanted no matter how much I googled so I made up my own. Lots of failures later I came up with a pattern to make this style of pocket.

Step 1 - Cut yourself a template. I used a small bowl to get the curve even on the bottom, then rule the edges outwards slightly and by eye draw the top line curving it down slightly. I've given my measurements below but you could make it any size, just use the same basic shape.

Step 2 - Cut out your pocket and run a gathering stitch across the top about 1/4 inch down from the edge. Gather up to desired fullness. I have found looser works better.

Step 3 - Fold a piece of binding over the top edge, pin in place and top stitch close to the edge, covering gathering stitch. You might have to tuck/cut off a tiny bit off the points on either side to get a nice smooth curve. I like using ready made binding on my pockets too.

Step 4 - Press curved edge 1/4 inch towards wrong side of fabric.

Step 5 - Place pocket in desired position, pin and top stitch around curved edge. Make sure you do a little strengthening triangle thingy at the start and end of the stitching over the top of the binding.

Here are the finished pockets on a dress.
How do you thing they would look on the outside or even inside of a bag?


  1. Thanks for the tutorial - I'm going to try that out on my next pinny!

  2. They'd look good on the outside of a bag Julie, being a bit of a bag aficionado, I'm quite particular about pockets. I do think though that pockets inside should be large and practical, IMHO!

  3. When you spell it out like that - how simple! They look great!

  4. Great little tute there Julie! 8-)

  5. Cool tute love. Might put come pretty pockets on random things and mess with peoples heads...or I'll just make something useful.
    Ab x

  6. I've always admired little gathered pockets but have never sat down to try one, I will now thanks to your tutorial :) Mel xox

  7. This is exactly what I was envisioning for an apron pocket- thanks for the tutorial!!