Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm being strong.

The Lions club in our town is running an all day swap meet today. Lots of blokey stuff, some market things jams etc. I could have had my stall but I chickened out seeing it was so cold and its and outdoor affair. But, but, but I had to show you these. One stall is selling a private collection of dolls, old cots and baskets, old doll and baby prams and strollers.

I'm so tempted to go back and get one to use for my quilt photos etc.
I couldn't decide which one I liked best.

I thought some of you bloggers might be interested, leave a comment if you are and I can put you in touch with the seller, they are based in Bendigo.

Doll prams started at about $15, the largest pram was $200.
Doll cots were about $15 and larger cots varied prices up to about $100 from memory.
Don't they look cute all lined up.
Miss Muff was in heaven.


  1. Imagine if they were all filled with BABIES!!!!!!!!


  2. Good job I wasn't there, phew!!! Look how much money I saved, I can put it in the pot for SIT next year now!!!

  3. OMG! I would have had to bring them all home.

  4. thank god I wasn't there! I would have had a dolly accessorie breakdown. I am a serial pram/cot fanatic, I really need help. This stall is so amazing, love them all xo ps yes! go back and pick one out for photo's, how fun

  5. Wooooow, can just imagine Miss Muff.
    Did temptation get the better of you?

  6. Oh wow Julie!!! I've never seen anything like this here! That would be a great place to look around!!! Lucky you and Miss Muff! 8-)

  7. so tell us - did you go back and choose one??

  8. That looks like pram heaven to me!! Fairly cheap too...

  9. I have to stop looking at it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. How on earth did you go home without one??? I just LOVE that cream one - the woven cane one with the hood. Isn't it just gawjus!!!??!
    What a fun day!!
    Joy :o)

  11. How gorgeous and good prices too! I couldn't have left without one or two or three....

  12. Wow, a collectors dream!
    I can't beleive I sat behind you at SIT and didnt realise it was you. You look different from your photo. I was even looking out for you call it pregnancy brain.