Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hard to believe its nearly Winter.

With calves basking in afternoon sunshine.

and heaps of roses still blooming.

One for the family records, this is how the seven year old boy keeps his two year old sister and the chooks off newly planted carrots. Quite crafty I thought.


  1. clever boy! so jealous of your roses! I need to leave the big smoke I think!


  2. Hehehe love it - He has put a lot of thought into that - The roses are still spectacular.

  3. Our roses are on their last legs now, but then our temps are way, way colder than yours! It's been lovely during the days this week though, lots of watery sunshine and blue skies..
    That's very inventive of him, you can tell he's a farmers boy hey??

  4. Might have to hire your munchkin for my garden. Not naughty kids but there seems to be an awful lot of roo poo about.
    Love those mooeys.
    Ab x

  5. Very clever boy ! I wondered why I kept missing your posts it's because I was following your other blog , der ! All sorted now !

  6. Darling calves, beautiful roses, and a very crafty little gardener you have there indeed Julie! lol!

  7. We are in full spring mode over here! planting gardens and things blooming everywhere.
    it's been awhile since I've been here to visit. Things have been crazy busy.
    love the way your little man protected the carrots... cute!

  8. Smart boy, he'll make a t'riffic farmer :o).
    LOVE the calves ... they're sooooo sweet :o).
    Joy :o)

  9. Don't you live in a beautiful part of the world? Loving that sunshine. I hope we get a bit of that here over the weekend, it's been freeeezing xo