Friday, May 7, 2010

Annual leave.

I am taking a few days annual leave from my blog, I have so much to do before we go to Melbourne for Sew It Together. I'm sure no one is really interested in housework, tax paperwork and me trying to pack. There isn't must craft on the menu either between kids and calves.

Not only is there going to be nothing exciting to talk about I won't have any photos to publish as my camera had an accident today and is very sick.
Not dead but sick.
Read, very sad, me and camera.
Hence, archive shot above.

So I'll be back soon, it doesn't take me long to get blog withdrawal.
See you when something excitingly crafty happens or I get another camera!

I'm thinking its a sign that its time for that digital SLR......


  1. I'll miss you.

    RIP digi camera.

    (WOOHOO for a DSLR!!!)

  2. Can't recommend a dslr enough! Don't work too hard, looking forward to SiT next week...

  3. yes get yourself a digital slr dear! mind you mine has been dropped twice and it gives me a heart attack each time but I'm getting better

  4. Looking forward to meeting you at Sew it Together- I have to pack today, heading to Melb early- Oh what to take, everything but the kitchen sink won't fit in!

  5. hi Julie, I've just found your blog through Copper Patch's blog.

    Your littles look delightful and a lot of fun.

    The clothes you make are so sweet - makes me wish I still had littlies of my own, but even my grandchildren are growing up fast.

    Don't stay away too long but have fun in what ever you are up to.

  6. Sorry to hear of your camera accident Julie!
    Hope you had a great "leave"...
    I see a fine quilter in the making in that photo! 8-)

  7. You are a very busy mum Julie, love your daughter's dresses. I had 4 little (now big) girls and loved sewing for them. Have just discovered your blog and hope you are back soon, and your camera recovers...or you get a new one.

  8. Julie - even though I only have time to read occasionally, I simply adore your blog !!!