Sunday, May 16, 2010

All Sewn Together!

As per my last post I said I'd be back when something excitingly crafty happened.
Having just returned from Melbourne for Sew It Together,
I think that rates as excitingly crafty.

Thanks Sheridan for organising such a great event. Its been great
to meet a few (well more than a few) bloggers in person and
actually sit down and sew together.

I particularly enjoyed doing my first little hexy project, thanks Corrie.
I see future addiction here. I think most of us on our table completed a flower,
I know Abbe did, Bianca and Fi made microscopic ones and Corrie made huge ones.
Bianca did well to learn to crochet yesterday, she
completed a granny square/circle/pentagon thingy.
Katia nearly crocheted a whole rug! (Andi did a quilt in the day.)

I was lucky enough to win one of the Spotlight vouchers too.
I guess that means I HAVE to go shopping now.
The sponsor's gifts were very generous and there was one for everyone
which was lovely.

It was nice to meet some famous faces.
Ernst of course, oh yes and Jodie was there too.

...and great to see some work up close. Here's one of Lizzie's pears.
OK, I knew I shouldn't have started mentioning names, too late now but it was great to put faces to blogs I've been following (and now have to follow!) Lara, Kate, Andi, Kelly, Karen, Gypsy, Trash and Rebecca.
I wish there had been another day to properly meet the rest of the girls. Maybe next year?????

Signing off, so so so tired, but happy. :0)


  1. Love your hexagon! I've got mine too, still packed in the bag.... I am so into crochet right now!

    It was great to meet you Julie!

  2. It was an awesome day, and it was lovely to meet some great people, nice to be able to put face to blogs!!

  3. Sniff!Sniff! I soooo wanted to come :-(

  4. Hey! I've got that pear!! ;-)

    had such a triffic time am beginning to wonder if I dreamt it.

  5. sounds like a lovely weekend.........

  6. That would have been a perfect weekend, crafting and talking with like minded people, only stopping when you wanted to.

  7. it was really wonderful to meet you in person too ... i loved that bit about the weekend especially.

  8. Yay!! What a fabulously fun day.
    Glad we were both there.
    Andi :-)

  9. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time Julie! Good for you!

    Great projects!

  10. I'm totally green with envy ;o)!!! Looks like you had a super t'riffic time Julia .... lots of lovely stuff to play with too :o).
    Joy :o)

  11. Great to see you again ! I think you may have encouraged a bit of turtle naughtiness...

  12. ohh i love your hexy. I love the colour combo and such cute fabric to go with it. It was good meeting you at SIT.