Friday, April 16, 2010

The Winter range.

I'm very late starting my Narioka range Winter range of clothes but hey you can't do everything. At least I have a growing supply of things for next Summer and I'll be ready for next Winter now I'm in the swing of things.

Mum created this little over dress out of some very fine spotted cord fabric.
Its good having staff!!!!

Complete with cute appliqué and flower pot pocket.
I'm still working on some Izzy and Ivy dresses to replace sold stock and also so I've got some for display at the market next weekend.


  1. Good staff are hard to find so I reckon she's a keeper your mum!!!
    Love the dress, the colours are lovely and the flower pot is just so cute.....

  2. My favourite ever dress when i was a kid also had little flowers coming out of a pocket - adorable !!!

  3. Lookin good Jules. Don't see it as late, see it as extra organised :o)
    I hope Mr 7 had a lovely birthday.
    Enjoy the sunshine xx

  4. way to go Mum.......she made a great dress..........

  5. Very nice Julie, the pocket is adorable.

  6. Love the pot pocket - very clever!
    Good luck with the market next weekend.