Friday, April 16, 2010

She's no longer apples.

A little bit sad here today. Our beautiful old apple tree has been developing a rather large split down its middle and I've been afraid it will fall on the house or one of us so I rang a man to come and cut most of it down today.

We have left the main trunk but taken off all the weight so it might shoot and I'll have a smaller tree. Better than losing the whole thing. I'm sad for the tree and also because I've lost one of my favourite photo locations in the garden where the light is always perfect.

So bye bye apple tree. xx

No sewing today. Husband decided I could do the irrigating hence freeing up his weekend for golf!!! Lucky its a nice day to be outside.

Oh and I also got "the man with the chainsaw on the five metre pole" to do a few more jobs while he was here. Its not every day a bloke with handy tools says "is there anything else you want done darlin". So I got him to chop a bit here and a bit there and unlike a spouse he didn't disagree or go and find something more interesting to golf.


  1. Sorry about your lovely tree Julie. At least it will sprout again and hopefully grow into another gorgeous tree. Love the story of the man doing a few extra jobs for you. We all need a fella like this around! xo

  2. Oh that's so sad, glad some of it survived though. We lost our apricot tree in summer - it had so much fruit on it that the weight split it in two.
    Deciding what to plant now is the hard part, the same or something new???

  3. Do you think you could have bottled him?? You could make a small fortune..!
    Sad about the tree, we have to make a similar decision about our beautiful curly willow.........soon, maybe!
    Have a great weekend while the man's at the golf ;o)

  4. Ha!Ha! You made me laugh talking about spouses and "other" rare tipe of useful human beings.
    It reminded me of the time I lived in Buenos Aires. There was a guy who called himself "husband by the hour" (even on his businness cards). You would not believe how much his businness grew in a very short period of time. He even was on a TV show because of this.
    Sorry about the apple tree!

  5. Bye bye apple pie - I think there's lots of potential for some appley regrowth.
    Mr Burly would want to enjoy that thinks it won't happen again too soon :o)

  6. Oh i grew up with apple trees in the garden & my mother systematically killed them off. Strangely enough her father was a prize winner gardener, but a green thumb - my mother is not. Love Posie

  7. Sorry about your apple tree there Julie... 8-(