Saturday, April 24, 2010

Market day one.

Above - the entrance to the shop.

Today wasn't as busy as we had hoped, mainly due to some terrific grass growing weather ie. it rained all night here and didn't stop until lunch time. Not the ideal conditions to be running an outdoor rally and market. So as you can imagine business was slow, some market stalls even pulled out this morning. We are hoping for a busier day tomorrow. Even so we managed some sales, mainly gifty Mothers Day items. I've had interest in my dresses and people taking cards to the online store. All good local publicity.

More of the shop, the clothes rack.

Oh, and last night we picked up five new babies.
They are adorable. Short, fluffy and very friendly.


  1. It all looks so lovley Julie, had I known it was on today, I would have meandered out .. What are your hours tomorrow? Mel xox

  2. Your stall looks great. Let's hope they are all heading your way tomorrow.

  3. I wish you good luck for tomorrow. The place looks beautiful!

  4. All the best tomorrow it looks great , love your shop !

  5. Your shop looks great Julie! Pitty you had a slow first day... I hope day 2 was much better! 8-)

    Darling babies... absolutely adorable! 8-)

  6. Fingers crossed for a great day today, the sun's shining here, at the moment!!! Love the new babies, so sweet..

  7. the shop is looking wonderful. good luck

  8. Oh exciting, imagine it being your Shop forever??!! Hoping trade increases but i can imagine the rain is a blessing too.
    Look at those cows, lovely, enjoy them while they're little. Love Posie

  9. Love your new babies Jules. Can't wait to meet them.
    The stall looked really good - you have been a very busy girl!
    Ab x

  10. Ahh, markets, can be tricky...but all looks great!
    Love the calves, must get mine!Tracey