Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last minute touches.

I'm in the midst of last minute preparations for the weekend market. Mainly tagging everything. I have some clothes that I'll finish off if there is time but last count on my rack there were about 40 items, many more than I thought I had.

Rainbow pencil rolls - for the boys.
Pattern from "Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts".
I need to find a nice shorts and shirt pattern for little boys so I can sew for them too, must learn to do button holes properly one day.

Discounted patchwork fabric bundles - for the ladies.

Covered coat hangers - for Mothers Day
Made by my Mum.

Clothes, clothes, clothes for little girls.

An Autumn flavoured Izzy and Ivy dress.


  1. Good luck with the market, enjoy and wow those fabbies are gorgeous, wish you lived closer to Sydney hahahahaha

  2. Good luck with your sales!!! Take pictures of your stall for us to see. Thanks.

  3. You've done a brilliant job Jules. I'll have one of everything thanks :o)
    Ab x

  4. it all looks so great! good luck to you!

  5. Hope you have a great day at the market and sell everything. I love the coathangers.

  6. gorgeous julie! I expect a full debrief!

    sorry I've been so busy with worky stuff I didn't realise you had a market! the good news is once you've made loads of stuff for the first it takes the pressure off next time! trust me

  7. Your Izzy and Ivy dresses are so cute... all of them! I wish I could sew that well. Lindsey and Kaycie would have new dresses every day!

    Cute little shop. HOpe your weekend market goes well.

  8. I hope it's a perfect weekend for you Julie. Happy stall- holding... Wish I could get my hands on those scrap packs...