Monday, April 19, 2010

Growing list.

My list of things to do for the two day market this weekend is growing. I had hoped to have these three Izzy and Ivy dresses finished, they only need about half an hour more and they are done. I thought I'd make some different coloured ones seeing the ones to date had all been pink. The pink is popular though.

Its so hard to know how many things to make and what to make. I have a reasonable rack of clothes now as well as some bags, pin cushions, some pretty covered coat hangers Mum made (with Mothers Day in mind), plus all the left over fabric and patterns from the shop (making space in the sewing studio). Mum's making a few little Winter skirts and finishing off a couple of pencil rolls from the pattern in "Last Minute Gifts" using up scraps and hand dyed fabrics. I thought I had better have something for the boys, someone is bound to ask. I'd like to make a few fancy hair clips to match some of the dresses I have to sell but will see how time permits.

I'm sharing my stall/shop with another lady from our patchwork group. I can't wait to show you what she has made, she's a clever lady. So between us I think we will have enough things. It is going to be a good chance too to advertise my Madeit shop to a few locals that buy my clothes. I'm considering making all my items postage free so that locals can buy on-line and we don't have to muck around deleting postage costs. Thats a job for after market.

I'm working today and we have calves arriving this week so life just gets busier but in a good way.


  1. Busy busy! I am a pink girl however we had to have a pink clothing ban here as when I washed I'd have whites, darks then pinks lol! Good luck with the market xox

  2. goodluck with the markets this weekend.....

  3. Hi Julie, I just received your absolutely gorgeous pincushion and heart pins. Thankyou so much for these!! It was a lovely surprise in the mail. Merrilyn

  4. Love the new fabrics Chick. The dresses look amazing.
    Ab xx

  5. Good luck at the market, wow, what an opportunity, love love love. There is NEVER enough last minute time before a market, love Posie

  6. Wonderful fabrics for these dresses Julie! Besides having fun, I know you will be doing well at the market. How exciting! 8-)
    Little short sets for boys might be a good seller... although it is coming on Fall weather your way...