Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day two.

Today's weather was the opposite to Saturday, beautiful and sunny which brought the crowds out. We had a lot more lookers and customers today. I sold a few dresses, took some orders for some, I only stock up to about size four/five and I've been asked to make some larger versions of a couple. My hair accessories were a hit too. It was good to get the word out about my Madeit shop too. It seems more and more people are comfortable buying on-line. Thanks Mum for the last minute sewing assistance too. xx

Lynne did quite well with her hand made fabric gifts which I went to take a photo of some of them but people kept coming in and I got side tracked. I'll catch up with her at our sewing session this week and try and get a couple of pics. Her fabric messenger birds were popular and little coin purses, hanky dolls and gathered jewellery bags were her main sellers.

Monica from our sewing group also made some beautiful hankies too, and sold a couple. She has a Madeit shop in her sights too......and a blog, I'm trying to convince her she "needs" one.

Big plans being made already for next year's stall!


  1. I´m glad you had such a good day. Congratulations!

  2. woohoo well done!!!!!!!!!!!

    glad to hear it was a good day!

  3. So glad the weather improved and you had a successful day! Congratulations!! Been catching up with Kerrie this weekend too :) xox

  4. Sounds like some good progress was made Julie! Most excellent! 8-)