Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Child's smock top.

I'm making some tops to add to my range of dresses. Its just a cute little elasticised neck and sleeve pattern, I used Simplicity 4206. I thought it looked very short so I added a few cms to the length. I would recommend doing this if you are making the same pattern, it is cut very short. The first photo shows the sleeves just hemmed and the second with elastic, I quite like both. This is a size six. Unfortunately I don't have a "female" six year old model on hand.


  1. Just darling! I'll have to check out that pattern since my size 7 model is in desperate need of warm weather clothing ... that fits!


  2. Gorgeous, oh I wish my Heidi would wear clothes like that!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. it looks very cute, and your fabric choice is great!

  4. Super cute!
    And Happy Easter!
    And a massive congratulations for your Moda bakershop quilt!! Woohoo!! xox

  5. That's cute :) I love the peasant style dress, its' gorgeous in a top too :) I'm about to start the winter version! lol



  6. I happen to have a size 6 grand wishing I would make one for her......guess I will get busy and make her one. Love the fabric.