Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Summer Lovin.

This week is definitely UFO week here. This is a quilt top I finished yesterday. I did the applique hearts on our retreat last year. Mum and I got it out Saturday night, trimmed up the blocks and I've sewn it together. The pattern is "Summer Lovin" by Anne Gadsby and the fabric range is "Fresh" by Deb Strain for Moda. I've added extra squares to what the pattern suggested and simplified the border, its the second time I've made this pattern. It was in totally different fabrics last time. This pattern lends itself to larger prints.

I must confess I have other unfinished quilt tops hiding away, they are not far off finished either. I'm trying to get them done ready to quilt for when the weather turns cold. I find the quilting part more of a Winter activity.

Reveal day tomorrow!!!!


  1. The latest quilt looks quite different from the first (pink) one, it's amazing how much difference a colour change makes.

  2. Love both of them but I think I like the green more, it's definitely more 'summery'.
    Looking forward to tomorrow!!

  3. Oh I love the blue/green one, how gorgeous is it. Although they are both equally stunning!

  4. wow, both are amazing! the pink one is my favorite...

  5. nice quilts.........good to see some UFO's are getting closer to completion........lol......