Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pincushion success.

Third time lucky. I tried another pin cushion today with much better results. If you read my post the other day I was having trouble keeping the thread tied around each one in place. My thread! I think they look fine without it. The ones I made earlier I'm putting small catching thread on them to keep it in place but for today I left it off. This one will shortly be on its way to its new home, minus the pumpkins. I've become a fan of the oversized pin cushion this week. They are very useful, you don't tend to lose them and they sit in one spot and don't scoot all over the table. I noticed Anna Maria Horner using a largish pumpkin shaped one too so I might be on to something here.

Pattern from "Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts", I enlarged the pattern piece by 200%.

We have family coming to stay this weekend, on the menu is lots of pumpkin soup and home made crusty bread. Its going to be cool and wet, soupy kind of weather I think.


  1. Lovin the giant pumkiny pincushions. I still have one of your pumpks to eat so I too may make some soup and bread.
    Love the fabrics and the pattern for the family quilt. Get cutting!
    Ab x

  2. cool photo.......definitely not soupy weather here.........hope you get some rain.....

  3. Just adorable Julie - your photography included !! Cant wait to have a spotlight trip soon... maybe on Thursday next week.....I am begining to get the sewing bug again !!

  4. Hooray!! I love it. Thankyou so much it looks perfect! And you can keep the pupkins, I can't stand them. Wont even grow them on our farm at all. Have a great weekend. X

  5. Очень интересные оригинальные подушки!
    Very interesting original pillows!