Monday, March 1, 2010

Pin cushion on steroids.

I'm playing with pin cushions today. In particular the pattern in "Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts" pictured above. I wanted a large one so I enlarged the pattern piece on the photocopier and went to work.

The result......a lovely but rather large (read HUGE), pincushion, if it was a pumpkin it would feed a family for a week! Hand of small child included for size reference. Back to the photocopier to try again.

I wold have photographed the pin cushion outside but after my big brown snake encounter this morning I'm too scared to go out the door. Once again I'm pleased we don't have close neighbours that can see what's going on here. There was lots of shovel, axe and rock throwing going on by me to get it to move it out of the way. It didn't want to go anywhere, the dappled sunlight under the peach tree was obviously a nice spot.

edit: Who would need a pincushion this big???

Maybe I do now that I've put ALL my pins in it.


  1. I'm totally in love with the super huge pin cushion! What a great idea! The snake story is just creeping me out though. YUK! All our snakes are still hibernating under lots of snow...or whatever they do in the cold weather! I hope yours moves on to someone else's yard.


  2. Nasty, hate those encounters. We get copperheads but thankfully we haven't had any this year (I did whisper this, don't want to hex myself). The pincushion - well, it is rather large but at least you won't lose it down the side of the sofa or something!!!

  3. Ekkkkkk!! Shoo! Shoo!
    I love the mega pin cushion!! Harder to loose under all the mess teehee xox

  4. I LOVE your giant pincushion. Very cool! I remember that little hand liking those pins :o)
    Nice bag from the other day. It looks like a really good size.
    Ab xx

  5. that is hilarious! but seriously how many packs of pins would it take to fill! plus I'm always running out of pins so it's probably a good thing!


  6. I'm with Lizzie and Bianca, at least you won't lose it, I think it's great! Hate snakes, but that's what you get when you live in the country. Fortunately the most common around here are pythons, and red bellied blacks. I just have to make sure the cats stay inside so they don't become python snacks and red bellied blacks are very shy and stay away from the house.

  7. There ya go Julie, you DID need a great big one after all ;o). Stay away from those nasty old snakes though **shudder**.
    Joy ;o)

  8. PS Sound sto me like you did all the proper things... like shovels, axes and rocks etc... Glad you're ok.
    Browns should live elsewhere!!

  9. Thats a whopper - very useful though!

  10. I loved this post Julie, and I think your massive pin cushion is awesome, in every sense of the word. Maybe you could make a special one to throw at snakes? Nah, they are way too pretty to throw. Love that last shot x

  11. Love the giant pincushion! Maybe I need one of those instead of a whole bunch of smaller ones! :0)

  12. that is one huge

  13. i LOVE this big pin cushion.....
    how perfect!!!!