Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lots of love.

I was very excited to find a package from Kate (Foxes Lane & Daylesford Organics) in the letterbox this morning. Kate and I did a little swap, I made her a giant pin cushion in return for some of her crocheted hearts and flowers. Here they are, they are sooo pretty. All different sizes, colours and designs.

I'm still planning what to do with them in the meantime I think I'll just sit them somewhere and admire them. I can't believe how many she sent! Thankyou Kate. xx

Some ideas....
Hearts on a dress maybe....

Heart on a bag.....

Flower on a frock....

We had the tooth fairy visit this week, this is where she is camped temporarily according to Mr Six. Miss Muff and I thought we would redecorate for her.

The possibilities are endless.
Thanks again Kate, I just love them.


  1. Oh Julie, your photos are just gorgeous! I love how something you are so used to can get a whole new lease of life in someone else's space. Thanks for a wonderful swap. XX

  2. Oh such pretty hearts from Kate! It seems you both had a wonderful swap.

  3. I love these little bursts of rainbow hearts & flowers! So pretty and cheerful and beautiful. I'm not surprised that you found so many in your parcel, Kate is just the best xo

  4. Lovely mail & you can do so much with them!! Still having issues following you, WHY?? Have to do it manually, non?? Hang in there for me, love Poise

  5. She must be one very happy fairy now with all that beautification! Love the heart on the bag....

  6. Beautiful. Can't wait to see how you use them. I love the clothesline pic.