Monday, March 15, 2010

In the pink.

Back to some serious sewing this week. My Mum and Dad were here for the weekend and I have a few unfinished projects organised to finish off.

The first being an Izzy and Ivy dress or two for my Madeit Shop and local market at the end of April now that I'm licensed to make and sell their designs. I do find these difficult to part with, someone else thinks they are pretty special too.....

Modeled by Miss Muff who is an average sized two and a half year old so it would fit a two to three year old. The top of the dress under the tie is shirred so it is quite stretchy.


  1. I'm not surprised that you find them hard to part with, your model just does such a good job at making them irresistible!!

  2. gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! you've been busy! I've just done some dresses this afternoon and need lots of sewing to be done before my next market!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well done, love the pink

  3. How gorgeous is that little dress, and your beautiful model too. She wont want you to give them away will she.

  4. Love the fabric Jules. Another fab dress and excellent modelling work by Mini Claudia.
    She's grown so much since she was a fairy in your garden!
    I love the slighty shy turn of foot. Or is that 'I'm about to do a twirly wirly because this is a twirly wirly kind of dress?'

  5. Darling!!
    And little Miss has grown and changed so much since I first started reading your blog!

  6. She is just the sweetest little thing!